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Welcome to the SLV Rod & Gun Club

The Savannah Lakes Village Rod & Gun Club is honored to be the largest sanctioned club in Savannah Lakes. We pride ourselves for offering the activities that our members request. These activities include: Sport target shooting, Skeet shooting, Sporting clays, Fishing charters (striper/bass/crappie/catfish), Fishing seminars, Dinner social programs and MANY more. Check our Upcoming Events section for more info.

Welcome to the SLV Rod & Gun Club

The Rod & Gun Club is committed to 1) Connecting SLV members with common interests in fishing and shooting sports, 2) Providing opportunities for organized outings, guided trips, and sporting events, and 3) Building relationships.

The Club is in the process of setting up various fishing charters as well as seminars. Fishing Charters are set up monthly, when possible. We do allow non-members if they are invited by a member on that charter. The charters will be first come first serve for members and guests.

Pistol Range hours are 9:00-1:00 (summer). Skeet shooting is every Tuesday, weather permitting, at Hickory Knob Skeet Range at 9:00am. Old and new Club members are free to join on Tuesday mornings to get an idea of what the shoot is like and speak with the Rangers and shooters. Members are responsible for their own equipment and ammunition. A round of skeet (25 ct) costs Club members $6.00.

Upcoming Events

Winter Range Hours began November 7th and are 10am until 2pm.

The SLV Rod and Gun Club will hold a Bowling Pin Competition Shoot at the Range at 10am Saturday, December 10, 2022. The Bowling Pin shoot consists of 5 pins 21 feet from the shooter. The shooter has 7 shots to knock the pins from the table. Pins must be off the table to count as a hit. It can be timed to break a tie. Always a great time!

Interested in a December Striper fishing charter? The boat leaves the dock (within one hour of SLV) about 7am and is usually off the water by 10am with 10 fish per person (based on the last several trips). Location changes as fish move around the lake. These trips go rain or shine, only being cancelled if weather or other circumstances make the trip unsafe (i.e. lightning, mechanical failure). Be sure to bring whatever you need to wear, eat, or drink, and a container/ice to transport your catch home. Non-member guests can go on the charter if we cannot fill it with members.  The non-member must be invited by a member going on the same charter.  Members will have preference until 8 days prior to the charter date.

Rod & Gun Club Beginners Pistol Course: The course is now full. The Rod & Gun Club is hosting a beginner’s pistol course open to all SLV residents. This is not limited to Rod & Gun Club members. The course is geared towards those who have little to no experience and are interested in learning their personal firearm (pistol). Enrollment will close after the first 25 enrollees or on November 3 at 5:00 pm.

Lakes entering Drought Trigger Level 1 (August 25th)

The current elevation of Lake Hartwell is 656.41 ft-msl and Lake Thurmond is 326.45 ft-msl. The guide curve elevations are 660 ft-msl and 330 ft-msl respectfully. The Army Corps of Engineers is now projecting that the Savannah River Basin lakes will enter Drought Trigger Level 1 in the next few weeks (4 feet down from the guide curve).

Depending on the 28 day average flows in the Broad River, the weekly average release from Thurmond Dam will be cut to 4200 or 4000 cfs. There may be up to a 2-week delay in reducing flows from the normal unrestricted releases at Thurmond to the Level 1 drought flow restriction levels. This is to allow time for marine organisms to acclimatize.

The latest US Drought monitor shows abnormally dry condition beginning in upstate South Carolina. Note since May, the Hartwell basin has received only 52% of the average rain and the Thurmond Basin has received about 72%. The current 10-week pool projections show Lake Hartwell at 655.10 ft-msl and Lake Thurmond at 325.10 by 22 October if conditions persist.

Past Events

The SLV Rod and Gun Club held a NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program at the Range at 10am, Friday, November 18, 2022 . This program offers shooters a self-paced training platform to develop shooting skills. One progresses through a series of drills until you are a darn good, confident shooter! This is for absolute newbies, those who haven't shot for awhile and those afflicted with "use it or loose it" syndrome. This is for Club members only. There will be enough packets and the appropriate number of Range Officers present. This should be a great way to hone shooting skills and have fun with other shooters in a safe atmosphere.

The SLV Rod and Gun Club held an Old Fashioned Shoot at the Range at 10am Saturday, November 19, 2022.

The SLV Rod & Gun Club Annual Fun Day and Banquet was held on October 17, 2022. It started at the range at 9:30am with a Pistol Shoot, followed at 1pm by a Skeet Shoot at the Hickory Knob SP skeet range. The day ended at 5pm, at the Hickory Knob SP Red Barn, with the Club's Annual Banquet, Fishing Competition awards, Pistol and Skeet shoot awards, and announcement of 2023 Board Members & Officers. There was also a Treasurer's report. The event committee will review 2022 and what is under consideration for 2023.

On Friday, September 23rd, at 4pm, the Rod & Gun Club hosted its Annual Fish Fry.

On September 3rd, the Rod & Gun Club hosted an Arcade Shooting event. Only .22 caliber rifles will be used for this shoot. Auto load, manually operated, scoped and open sight rifles are all welcome.

South Carolina DNR Notices & Information

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is a South Carolina state agency charged with regulating hunting, fishing, boating, duck stamp orders, and the conservation efforts of the state government. DNR documents are listed below:

General Information

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