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Whether you are a veteran, intermediate or a new tennis player to the community, we're excited to welcome you into our growing tennis community. With lighted clay courts, weekly men’s and women’s tennis groups, USTA league play, a ball machine, tennis clinics and great social events, there's always a lot going on in our tennis programs throughout the year.

Scoring Points and Calling the Score

The Savannah Lakes Village Tennis Club (SLVTC) is an organization for the purpose of promoting organized recreational, social, and competitive tennis activities in Savannah Lakes Village. Its mission is to promote tennis as the “Game for a Lifetime” to all SLV resident at all levels of play, and to provide the best in facilities, social programs, competitive and intramural play.

Get Involved

For more information on the Savannah Lakes Village Tennis Club and upcoming events, call the community Recreation Center at (864) 391-4180.

Green Netters Tennis Program

With the continual growth of the SLV tennis community and the need for an introductory tennis program, the Green Netters program was developed. A group of dedicated SLV tennis community leaders decided to help establish a skill-building program to encourage new and experienced players to improve. This is the perfect program for those new to tennis, or those who have little experience or just have not played for a long time. Volunteers from the SLV tennis community get together with Green Netters group every Wednesday morning (time changes with the seasons) - check with the Recreation Center for current times and come join us on the courts.

Helpful Resources

Court Watering Schedule as of May 1, 2021

Court Status Page

SLV Tennis/Pickleball Program Brochure

Tennis Court Reservation Rules & Guidelines

Tennis SRG Coordinators

SRG Application Form

Tennis/Pickleball Committee Sign Policy

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